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Tens of thousands of Maine home and business owners are realizing the many benefits of investing in heat pumps. From energy savings to the benefit of air conditioning, heat pumps are a customizable, noninvasive energy solution, with some units providing efficient heating in temperatures as low as -13 °F.

There Are Options for Every Budget. Whether you want one unit for an office, garage, or basement, or you’re looking to outfit your entire home with heat pumps, solutions can be tailored to your heating and air conditioning goals, budget, and unique home.

Savings. Heat pumps are more efficient than traditional heating and air conditioning systems. Even with rising electrical rates, heat pumps are still more efficient than systems that use oil, propane, and natural gas. Calculate your potential savings using the Efficiency Maine Heating Cost Comparison Calculator.

Air Conditioning. Traditional air conditioning methods like window units or portable air conditioners are more expensive and less convenient than heat pumps. As the temperatures rise, heat pumps dehumidify and air condition to help homeowners maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature within their homes.

Rebates & Incentives. Since heat pumps are more environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems, the State of Maine and the federal government offer incentives for heat pumps. In 2023, the federal government announced the Inflation Reduction Act, which offers a significant tax credit to most Mainers. Learn more about the IRA. In addition, Efficiency Maine offers rebates for Mainers of all income types. Learn more about the Efficiency Maine rebates.

Compact & Non-Invasive. With the right installer, heat pump installations can be quick and noninvasive. There are four options for indoor units: traditional high wall units, floor units, ducted, and ceiling cassettes. The last two options offer homeowners are more sleek, compact look with whisper-quiet operation.

Breathe Easier. Heat pumps consistently recirculate the air in your home, purifying and filtering the air you breathe.

Customized Comfort. With multi-zone systems, heat pump owners can experience room-by-room temperature control. For example, a three-bedroom home with one unit outside and an indoor unit in each room allows the resident of that room to define what temperature makes them most comfortable.


Who installs a heat pump system can greatly impact the system’s efficiency and the customer’s satisfaction with performance. Heat pumps are not a one-size-fits-all solution. An experienced, trained consultant should measure the space precisely while considering other factors such as customer goals, unique home features, insulation, and window factors.

The installation also has an impact on the unit’s performance. Dave’s World attracts and employs the top talent in the HVAC industry and has a master electrician on staff for each project to guarantee every installation element is executed with precision. Our installation team takes it one step further by caring for your home. You can expect them to wear booties, use drop cloths, and clean up thoroughly after the job is finished.

Most importantly, Dave’s World values long-term customer relationships, referrals, and a strong reputation with the Maine community. Our office teams manage the rebate and warranty registration process on behalf of our customers and we have a talented team of professional cleaners for maintenance after the sale. It’s our goal to be here for you long after the installation is completed.

Don’t forget to ask about our Coil to Coil Warranty! When you purchase any worry-free warranty at Dave’s World, you are fully covered— parts, labor, and biennial cleanings.


We’ve got answers. Below are the top frequently asked questions we get when someone is deciding whether to reach out for their FREE heat pump consult.

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?
The cost of installing a heat pump system in Maine varies depending on the square footage of the space you want to heat and air condition. Some customers may only need one or two units, whereas others may want to outfit their whole home with heat pumps. In addition, some units may be more energy efficient than others and may cost more, but they often pay for themselves by lowering energy costs and through tax incentives and rebates. Costs to install a single heat pump can start around $4,000, while whole home solutions can start around $15,000. Each home is unique, which is why our consultants will come to your home, listen to your goals, measure your spaces, answer all of your questions, and will deliver a custom quote to your email. Ultimately heat pumps are one of the best investments homeowners can make in the efficiency, comfort, and value of their home.

Will my electric bill increase if I get a heat pump, and how much will it go up?
Yes, your electric bill will increase because heat pumps run off electricity, but it will be 40-50% less expensive than the traditional heating system. To help calculate your potential savings, we recommend using the Efficiency Maine Heating Cost Comparison Calculator. And remember, for any heating system, a home with efficient windows and good insulation will have less heat loss and be more efficient, saving you more money.

What size heat pump will we need for “X” square feet?
We get this question a lot, and we always encourage scheduling a free consult. The best way for us to ensure customer satisfaction, efficiency, and savings is to precisely measure your space, check out any unique features, and learn more about your home, budget, and goals.

How much can I get in rebates & tax credits?
Efficiency Maine offers rebates of up to $1,200 for qualifying residential installations and $2,400 for income-eligible residents. The factors that determine qualification include the efficiency rating of the system and building type, among other considerations. Our team are experts on the qualifications and will be able to determine which rebates you qualify for. Through the inflation reduction act, tax credits up to $2,000 are available for most homeowners. Learn more about tax credits. Qualifying homeowners can take advantage of both the rebates and tax credits.

There are also incentives for small businesses looking to replace their primary heating system. Learn more about the Efficiency Maine Heat Pump Retrofits for Small Businesses Incentive.

How well do heat pumps run when it gets below zero?
Thanks to evolving technology, there are now heat pumps available that run efficiently down to -15 degrees. However, ensuring the system is installed properly by qualified professionals and fits your space is essential in ensuring this level of performance.


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