Residential Heat Pumps Sales in Maine

Dave’s World is Maine’s most trusted heat pump installer. We’ve installed heat pumps in over 11,000 homes in Maine — and counting! Making us Maine’s most trusted and experienced heat pump installer. We’re proud to serve every city, hamlet, town, and island of Maine, out of our 4 locations. We can always get there from here!

Why select Dave’s World as your HVAC provider?

  • Unmatched Customer Service. From the first call to years after the installation, we promise awesome service and stand by our word.
  • More Experience. We’ve installed more heat pumps than any other company in Maine & we were installing heat pumps before they were cool!
  • Dedicated Team. We only employ the top talent of HVAC professionals in the state and were recognized as a top place to work in Maine in 2023.
  • Longevity. We’re here to stay, which means we’ll be here to service your units and answer your questions for as long as you need us.
  • PLUS, our Coil to Coil Warranty program is unparalleled. Click here to learn more!



Tens of thousands of Maine home and business owners are realizing the many benefits of investing in heat pumps. From energy savings to the benefit of air conditioning, heat pumps are a customizable, noninvasive energy solution, with some units providing efficient heating in temperatures as low as -13 °F.

There Are Options for Every Budget. Whether you want one unit for an office, garage, or basement, or you’re looking to outfit your entire home with heat pumps, solutions can be tailored to your heating and air conditioning goals, budget, unique home, and existing heating solutions.

Savings. Heat pumps are more efficient than traditional heating and air conditioning systems. Even with rising electrical rates, heat pumps are still more efficient than oil, propane, and natural gas systems. Calculate your potential savings using the Efficiency Maine Heating Cost Comparison Calculator.

Air Conditioning. Traditional air conditioning methods like window units or portable air conditioners are more expensive and less convenient than heat pumps. Heat pumps dehumidify and air condition as the temperatures rise to help homeowners maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature within their homes.

Rebates, Incentives, Utility Discounts, & Solar Savings Programs. Since heat pumps are more environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems, the State of Maine and the federal government offer incentives for heat pumps. Learn about rebates, incentives, and other ways to save.

Compact & Non-Invasive. With the right installer, heat pump installations can be quick and noninvasive. There are four options for indoor units: traditional high wall units, floor units, ducted, and ceiling cassettes. The last two options offer homeowners are more sleek, compact look with whisper-quiet operation.

Breathe Easier. Heat pumps consistently recirculate the air in your home, purifying and filtering the air you breathe.

Customized Comfort. With multi-zone systems, heat pump owners can experience room-by-room temperature control. For example, a three-bedroom home with one unit outside and an indoor unit in each room allows the resident of that room to define what temperature makes them most comfortable.

Dave’s World is fully equipped to outfit multi-family units and new construction projects! Contact us for a quote.