Residential Heat Pumps Sales in Maine

Smart Energy Solutions for Your Home

The people of Maine know the weather around here is severe and changes without warning. As the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Protect your home and loved ones by installing a dependable, powerful, and efficient residential heat pump from Dave’s World. Whether you are outfitting your entire home or just a part, our team of experts is standing by to meet your individual needs.

Keep warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dehumidify your home year round. With no access to natural gas, our heat pumps utilize cutting edge ductless technology to deliver dependable, energy-saving, and reliable

performance for years to come. Our cutting-edge units can work independently or with your current oil or gas-fueled furnace to deliver the most efficient results to your home.

If you’re ready to lower your utility bills and begin a life of year-round comfort, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are standing by to help you explore the future of home HVAC systems.

Why consider a heat pump from Dave’s World?

  • One unit or whole home, our variety provides custom solutions tailored for you.
  • Savings! From your efficient heat pump AND from tax credits and utility refunds.
  • As a heat pump efficiently warms or cools, it also filters the air in your home or business.
  • Ductless systems are compact and include easy, non-invasive installation.
  • They reduce your carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly!

PLUS, our Coil to Coil Warranty program is unparalleled. Click here to learn more!!

Dave’s World is fully equipped to outfit multi-family units and new construction projects! Contact us for a quote.