Is A Whole Home Heat Pump Solution Right For You?

Some homeowners install a single heat pump unit in one room, while others opt to outfit several rooms or even their whole home with heat pumps. Learn more about why a whole home or a multi-zone system may be right for you!

Ultimate Customized Comfort: With a multi-zone unit, the preferred temperature can be set in each zone. For example, a homeowner with a 3-bedroom home may opt to have the three bedrooms operating on one zone. This would comprise of one outdoor unit and three indoor units. The temperature in each room can be set to the preferred temperature providing ultimate comfort for each family member.

Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating All Year Long: Whole home or multi-zone units greatly reduce your oil or propane consumption and are far more efficient than those traditional heating systems. This means you could see significant savings on your monthly energy bills. Oil and propane prices can be unstable, and the more heat pump zones in your home, the less you rely on oil and propane. Additionally, during hot and humid winter months, homeowners tend to rely heavily on expensive, bulky portable air conditioners and window units. Heat pumps are far more efficient and easier to operate and will continue to provide savings during those summer months.

Added Home Value: Heat pumps are an investment that can add a great deal of value to your home, making it more appealing to potential future buyers. Between efficiency and comfort, a whole home system will give your home a serious edge if you ever consider selling.

Rebates, Incentives, & Other Savings

Efficiency Mainers of all incomes rebates on whole home heat pump solutions. Low-income customers can receive 80% of the cost, up to $8,000 (participants in HEAP, SNAP, TANF, and MaineCare qualify.)  See if you are eligible for a low-cost or no-cost heat pump rebate. Moderate income Customers can qualify for 60% of the cost, up to $6,000. Qualification is based on household income — adjusted gross income up to $70,000 for an individual filing as single, head of household, or married filing separately, or $100,000 if married filing jointly or individual filing as a qualifying widower. See if you qualify for a moderate-income rebate based on your adjusted gross income. Mainers of any income can qualify for 40% of the cost, up to $4,000.

A tax credit of up to $2,600 was put into effect for any projects billed as of January 1, 2023. The criteria for qualifying requires customers to have a tax liability of $2,000 or more on qualifying equipment. We are working with vendors to get an updated list of which equipment qualifies, so please contact us for more information. This credit resets each tax year, effectively becoming available again for additional projects.

In addition, customers can now take advantage of solar programs and utility discount programs. Learn more about rebates, incentives, and other ways to save.


Purchasing a heating and cooling system for your home, camp, or business is one of the best investments to increase your property’s sustainability, comfort, and value. Although heat pump prices vary greatly depending on your unique goals and home, there are fantastic financing options available to help with the installation of a ductless mini split heating system.

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