Air Conditioning Solutions in Maine

Beat the heat this summer with a heat pump professionally installed by the awesome team at Dave’s World! 

Despite the name, heat pumps are incredibly effective at keeping your house comfortable and cool in the hottest temperatures. It won’t be long before humidity makes a visit. Make sure you’re ready when it does!

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Why consider a heat pump as your main air conditioning source?

  • Cost Effective. Heat pumps can be twice as efficient as a typical air conditioner.
  • Breathe Easy. Heat pumps not only cool and heat your home to an optimal temperature, but they even dehumidify and air purify!
  • Comfort. Heat pumps are great for maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature.
  • Control. Some heat pumps have smart technology and can temperatures and settings can be controlled by your phone!
  • Safety. Because they run on electricity, there is no risk of gas leaks.
  • Heat. While you may be plenty warm now, heat pumps can be a great way to save money on heating in the frigid winter months.
  • Easy Installation. Ductless systems are compact and include easy non-invasive installation.
  • Environmentally Friendly.They reduce your carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly!

Why consider a heat pump from Dave’s World?

  • Options. One unit or whole home, we offer more brand and product variety meaning you get the best possible custom solution, tailored just for you.
  • Financing. Heat pumps are an investment in your home and we have financing options!
  • Customer Satisfaction. We’re committed to high-quality products and legendary service.
  • Responsibility. We’re staying up to date on cutting-edge technology, so we can better serve you.
  • CommunityWe’re local and family-owned, and we’re proud to employ Mainers just like us.
  • Commitment to Service. Have questions or concerns about your heat pump after the install? Our commitment goes beyond the sale. We’re still here to answer questions or concerns you have!