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Town of Freeport
The Electrify Everything program offers qualifying residents $1,200 on the installation of heat pumps. Learn more about Electrify Everything or access Electrify Everything’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Rebates from Efficiency Maine
Efficiency Maine offers up to $1,200 on qualifying installations. Learn more about Efficiency Maine rebates.

Federal Tax Credits
Through the IRA, the federal government is offering up to $2,600 on the installation of heat pumps. Learn more about tax credits available through the IRA.

Town of Freeport Rebates Through The Electrify Everything Program

The Town of Freeport is currently offering residents that meet income criteria a $1,200 rebate on the installation of heat pumps. Qualifying residents must have a household income up to 90% of the area median income. To see if you qualify, check the table below:

To receive reimbursement from the Town, you must provide proof of Efficiency Maine rebates or a valid acknowledgment of eligibility letter from Efficiency Maine for the equipment or service listed below if applicable, photo ID, proof of residency (can be photo ID), and completed W-9 form. Each qualifying household is eligible to apply for up to $2,000.

For more information on qualifying for Electrify Everything and to fill out an application form, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Maloy, at 207-865-4743 x115 or jmaloy@freeportmaine.com.

Rebates from Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine offers rebates up to $1,200 on qualifying installations.

  • Tier 1 heat pumps
    • $400 for 1st indoor unit
    • $200 for 2nd indoor unit
  • Tier 2 heat pumps
    • $800 for 1st indoor unit
    • $400 for 2nd indoor unit
  • Lifetime limit is two indoor unit rebates per housing unit (dedicated kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom)

Dave’s World staff is happy to walk you through the necessary equipment needed in order to qualify for Efficiency Maine rebates.

Tax Credits From The Federal Government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

A tax credit of up to $2,600 was put into effect for any projects billed as of January 1, 2023. The criteria for qualifying requires customers to have a tax liability of $2,000 or more, and only certain equipment qualifies for this credit. We are working with vendors to get an updated list of which equipment qualifies, so please get in touch with us for more information. This credit resets each tax year, effectively becoming available again for additional projects.

Why Dave’s World?

The most important consideration for your heat pump installation should be who you select for your installer. There are currently hundreds of vendors installing heat pumps around the state of Maine, but who you partner with on your installation will greatly impact the effectiveness and longevity of your equipment.

Dave’s World has been installing heat pumps since 2008, has over 75 Dave’s World vehicles on the roads of Maine, and employs only the top talent of HVAC professionals. As the most trusted HVAC installer in the state, we have more experience than any other installer and we’re here for the long run. That means we’re here to serve you long after the installation.

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