How Heat Pumps Benefit People Who Suffer From Allergies – And Purify The Air

Did you know that heat pumps are a great choice for families who suffer from seasonal allergies, or allergies to dust, dander, and other common indoor irritants? It’s true! If you choose the right heat pump for your particular needs, you’ll be able to keep the air inside your home clean, and clear of allergens and pollutants. Keep reading to learn more!

Heat Pumps Support A Variety Of Different Filters That Clean And Purify Air 

Heat pumps are unique in the world of heating and cooling, because they integrate the features of both a furnace and an air conditioner into a single unit. Typically, heat pumps use multiple “ductless” units throughout the entire home, and these units are available with different filters that can help filter out odors, irritants, allergens, and pollutants.

Heat pumps can be used with the following filters:

  • Catechin filter – Catechin filters use a powerful polyphenol ingredient, derived from apples, to filter out dust, mold spores, microorganisms, and even allergens. This helps keep the air in your home pure, fresh, and free of common irritants.
  • Ion deodorizing filter – Using a ceramic design with ultrafine particles, these deodorizing filters help destroy absorbed odors through oxidation, resulting in clean, clear air.
  • Plasma filter – These electronic air filters were originally used in hospitals to decontaminate air, remove dust and odor, and improve the quality of air. Today, they are used in many HVAC systems, and can be used in some heat pumps.

Because heat pumps are small and low-profile, they are also very easy to clean, and the filters can be replaced regularly to ensure that allergens and other irritants are not caught in a filter that’s blocked by dust and other debris. This feature, combined with the high-quality air filters available, ensures that the air in your home remains free of common allergens. And because each ductless unit is in a different room, heat pumps can even help prevent the spread of disease and illnesses like the cold and the flu, because air isn’t transported into a central HVAC unit, where it can spread throughout the entire home.

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Heat Pumps – The Best Way To Heat And Cool The Home!

A heat pump is a great investment for your home. Not only are heat pumps incredibly energy-efficient and reliable, they can actually help people who deal with allergies and common irritants like dust, and prevent the spread of disease! So shop for a heat pump now, and see the benefits of these unique HVAC systems.