Heat Pumps – Providing Powerful Cooling And Dehumidifying Performance In A Single Unit!

Heat pumps have a number of advantages. Not only are they energy-efficient and convenient, they combine the power of both a central air conditioning unit and a dehumidifier when they’re used to cool the air. Want to learn more about how heat pumps work, and why they function as both an air conditioner and dehumidifier? Find out below!

How Do Heat Pumps Work – And How Do They Dehumidify My Home?  

Heat pumps use the same basic design as an HVAC system, but with some important differences. Like a traditional central A/C system, heat pumps use a refrigerant in a “closed loop” design to cool air. This refrigerant is compressed and heated. Then, coils in the system let the heat “bleed” into the surrounding air. Then, the refrigerant returns to a liquid state, which allows it to pull heat in from the surrounding air, cooling it.

This system can be reversed, as well. Cool air can be pulled into the heat pump, then it will be heated and released, combining the functionality of a central air conditioner and a furnace into a single unit. When a heat pump is working in cooling mode, it removes moisture from the surrounding air via condensation. This means that you will benefit from a lower overall indoor humidity level, which improves home comfort and decreased perceived heat levels. In turn, this means you will spend less cooling your home in the summer – as higher humidity levels make your home feel more warm, even if the air temperature is relatively low.

Some heat pumps even come with a specialized “dry mode”. Dry mode allows you to use your heat pump specifically to dehumidify a room. The heat pump will switch between “heating” and “cooling” mode to maintain the temperature in any given room, while removing excess moisture from the room, and providing powerful dehumidifying performance. The room will remain at the same temperature, but you’ll be able to reduce the humidity level very quickly!

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Stay Cool And Comfortable This Summer With A Heat Pump!

Heat pumps offer incredibly efficient performance and can be used to quickly dehumidify your home, which is a fantastic feature in climates where high heat and humidity are common in the summer.

So don’t wait! Start shopping for a heat pump system now, and learn more about the benefits of these unique, all-in-one HVAC solutions.