Small Business Rebates On Heat Pumps

Incentives Can Save You Up To $4,800

High energy bills and uncomfortable work environments are bad for business, which is why more and more business owners are turning to heat pumps for their preferred HVAC systems. Whether you need a brand new system in your commercial space or a partial replacement, Dave’s World can provide expert solutions for any space.

Our team of technicians carefully evaluate your building’s unique infrastructure and determine the best brand and system for your space, guaranteeing you the most efficient, reliable, and performance-driven commercial HVAC system for your business.

Keep your customers and employees comfortable and productive with the world’s best air conditioners. Our ductless heat pumps are efficient, quiet, and powerful, and they operate at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

New Heat Pump Rebate Opportunities for Small Businesses

Efficiency Maine just announced new heat pump rebates for Maine’s small businesses. It is really easy to find out if you qualify, and better yet, Dave’s World will take care of all of the rebate submission paperwork for you!

This new heat pump rebate opportunity allows businesses to save up to half off on heat pump installations.

Qualifying For the Small Business Heat Pump Rebate Is Simple

If you are a “Small General Service” (SGS) or “Small Service” (SS) electric customer and looking to replace your primary heating system, then you’re eligible for enhanced heat pump incentives on higher efficiency systems. Businesses can receive $1,600 per single-zone system (HSPF 12.5), with a maximum of three systems or $4,800.

Check your electric bill to see if you qualify!

CMP Customers:











Versant Power Customers:

Rate Key:

Bangor Hydro District
B-1 General Service
B-2 Commercial Space Heating
B-3 Commercial Space Heating – Separately Metered Heating Loads
B4 Commercial Water Heating
Maine Public District (Aroostook County customers, generally speaking)
C-Small General Service (non-residential)

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