This Summer We Want to Celebrate Who You Think Is Awesome!

Nominate Someone & You Both Might Win!

Tell us who in your life is Awesome for a chance for them AND you to win tickets to an upcoming Portland Sea Dog’s game in Portland, Maine.

It’s simple- nominate someone who you think is Awesome! Fill out the form, and wait to find out if they (and you) have won!
For the full terms & conditions, please scroll to the bottom, but the short rules of play are:
1- You must be 18 years of age or older to enter/nominate
2- You must be a resident (or at least a Summer Resident of Maine)
3-Winners will be drawn at random from July 12-July16th.
4- The Awesome nominee will win 2 tickets, AND the nominator will win 2 tickets!



Enter to Win!

Do you know someone that is AWESOME? Tell us for them and you to win 2 pairs of tickets ( that's 4 tickets total) to an upcoming Portland Sea Dog's game of your choice!
  • Are they your best friend? Your Mom or Dad? A teacher that really inspired you? A neighbor who is well, a real neighbor? Share the Awesome!
  • We will only use phone numbers to contact winners that they have won!
  • Tell us who you are too so you can win when they win!
  • This is how we will contact you, if your entry wins!


For complete Terms & Conditions click here