4 Reasons To Install A Heat Pump in Maine Before Summer Hits

Summer promises to bring balmy, hot temperatures and humidity to Maine. Soon enough, store displays will feature heavy window AC units, box fans, and portable air conditioners, which are expensive, inconvenient, and temporary solutions to beating the rising temperatures. So what’s the better solution? 

More and more Maine home and business owners are leaning on heat pumps to create a comfortable and consistent indoor climate. And for a good reason! Because of their efficiency, permanence, and added home value, heat pumps are becoming the preferred system for both cooling and heating Maine properties.

Spring Is The Perfect Time To Install A Heat Pump

As slightly warmer temps usher us into the spring season, perhaps dusting off the old AC window unit is the farthest thing from your mind. However, The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center predicts above average temperatures for a good portion of the United States during the 2023 summer, including Maine! Not convinced yet? Learn why spring is the best time to install heat pumps in your property.

1. You’re Already Prepared To Beat The Heat

It won’t be long before you’re walking through the Hannaford parking lot with the hot summer sun beating on your back, eager for the chilly breeze of the AC in your car. Imagine you arrive home, bring your groceries inside, and your kitchen is so hot and humid you can’t bear the thought of standing over a hot stove or oven. Instead, make your home the one your family, neighbors, or your friend’s kids want to visit this summer. Install a heat pump and guarantee that when hot weather hits your home, you’re hitting the cool mode on your heat pump remote and enjoying a consistent, cool, and humidity-free indoor climate! (But be forewarned, your new heat pump might entice unwanted visitors seeking refuge from unbearable humidity!)

2. Beat The Rush

We see it every year. When the first hot day arrives in Maine, the phones ring off the hook, and property owners are eager to schedule their heat pump installation. But by the time many customers realize that heat pumps are the best option for air conditioning needs, contractors are booking installations months out, and getting a spot in the schedule might mean waiting until the leaves are falling off the trees. Spring is a perfect season to install a heat pump because the demand is still lower than in the summer or winter, and you can get on the schedule before the heat wave!

3. Invest In Consistency, Convenience, & Home Value

Unlike traditional air conditioners, in homes that have more than one heat pump, users can set the room temperature to their personal preferences, and the heat pump will ensure that the rooms consistently remain at the preferred temps, giving residents the ability to customize their comfort. This type of custom temperature control increases a home’s value and appeals to potential future buyers. Heat pumps are fixed appliances and don’t require any heavy lifting by the homeowner, and are far more convenient than traditional AC window or portable units.

4. Save Money On Energy Bills

Rather than generating cold or warm air, heat pumps extract and move air to create a consistent and comfortable indoor climate. Because of this, heat pumps both heat and cool a property far more efficiently than traditional air conditioners and furnaces and help save money on energy bills in both the winter and the summer. They are one of the best investments you can make for the air quality of your home, the health of your wallet, and the value of your property.

Not Convinced?

Here are a few more reasons why there’s never been a better time to install money-saving heat pumps.

Unprecedented Incentives: The Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) contains a 10-year extension and expansion of the 25C tax credit for energy-efficient home improvements. All installations of qualified heat pumps in 2023 will be eligible for a homeowner tax credit of up to 30%, or $2,000.

Great Rebates: Efficiency Maine offers heat pump rebates for all income types: Up to $1,200 for any income level and up to $2,400 for income or home-value eligible residents. Contact us to see if you qualify!

Financing: Purchasing a heating and cooling system for your property is one of the best investments to increase your property’s sustainability, comfort, and value. There are financing options are available to help cover the costs of installation. Efficiency Maine offers home energy loans to help Mainer homeowners pay for upgrades without fees and with interest rates as low as 5.99%. Maine homeowners can borrow as much as $7,500. Payments can be as low as $19/month, depending on your credit.

Utility Discounts For Heating Season: Both Central Maine Power and Versant Power offer homes with heat pumps special rates during the winter months. Learn more about both programs:  CMP Electric Technology Rate, Versant Power Home Eco Rate

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