Energy Audits in Maine

Why do I need a home energy audit or energy assessment?

Great question! In addition to helping you access valuable rebate opportunities, energy assessments are meant to help you increase the efficiency, health, and safety of your home!

An energy audit or energy assessment is all about investigating your home to see where improvements in efficiency, comfort, health, and safety can be made. One of our awesome auditors will combine science, data, training, and experience to create a clear picture of how your home’s efficiency can be improved.

An audit involves:

  • Assessment of Energy Bills
  • Interviews with Homeowners
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Systematic Walk Through
  • Interior and Exterior Investigation of the Home

An energy audit reveals ways you can invest in your home and see immediate returns. And when it comes to improving the health of your family, it can be priceless to find and remove hazards from your home.

What’s the end goal of an energy audit?

Our goal is to identify opportunities for home improvements that result in annual savings for home owners. Our expert auditors will make recommendations that will result in:

  • Energy Savings
  • Improved comfort in the home
  • Healthier and Safer Living Spaces

Are there rebates available for energy audits and assessments in Maine?

There sure are! Dave’s World has an Efficiency Maine approved Energy Advisor who can help guide you through a weatherization plan and can help you obtain $3,000 in incentives towards your energy savings project!

Contact us today for a home energy assessment!